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You can find the serial number, PIN, and corresponding QR code in the charger Quick Guide.

No, you can use the charger after logging in to your account with the new cell phone.

Please confirm the items below: 1. The charger is connected to a power supply. 2. The phone’s Bluetooth is connected. 3. The phone is near the charger. If you have linked this charger before, go to Settings – Bluetooth on your phone and select the device with the serial number of the current charger from the device list. Then tap Forget This Device or Disconnect and connect Bluetooth again with the app.

Please confirm that your Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz. Chargers do not support 5 GHz connections currently.

Please log in to the Autel Charge app, select My Account, enter the card number, then tap Save.

For home chargers, please go to My Charger – Charge Card to confirm whether the RFID card has already been linked.

If your RFID card is missing, please go to My Charger – Charge Card and unlink this card to avoid losing charging credits.

The Schedule feature may be disabled if you have performed a manual charge after connecting the vehicle. After a manual charge, some vehicles may automatically switch to Sleep Mode, under which charging will be unavailable.

Maximum charging speed varies by vehicle. Please contact customer service via [email protected] for more details.

Charge history is displayed after the charger is connected to the network.

Please pair the charger via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi prior to charging the vehicle to receive charging details.

Installation Mode is intended only for installation technicians and requires technical knowledge. Please consult an installation technician before making changes in Installation Mode.

The charging power displayed in the vehicle is typically lower than what is displayed on the charger due to energy consumption by the vehicle’s onboard systems.

Please try another payment method. If the payment continues to fail, please contact customer service via [email protected] for more details.

Charging speed is directly related to your vehicle battery health and the facility charging power.

Once the battery SOC (State of Charge) is above 70-80%, the charger will automatically adjust the charging speed to protect the vehicle battery.

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