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Charging Network Operators

We've got your CPO charging needs covered

Rich Product Portfolio

From 7kW to 480kW, AUTEL provides our clients with a rich product portfolio which includes AC, DC Wallbox, DC Fast Charger, DC High-Power Charger, perfectly fits in all the applications.

Worry-free Cooperation

Hardware, software, and service, AUTEL provides our clients with one-stop solution. Our worry-free service includes on-site consulting and planning, technical support, installation, and warranty.

Happy Charging Journey

Safe, fast, high compatibility, and user-friendly interface, your customer will have a happy charging journey by using AUTEL product. This will also help you to be more competitive in the industry.

EV Chargers for Charging Network Operators

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox

Smart AC charger for residential. Safe, fast, and reliable. 

1 hour of charging = Up to 120 km(75 miles)

Max.charging power = 22 kW per connector

MaxiCharger DC Fast 60-240kW

Designed for quick, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models.

20 mins of charging = Up to 450 km

Max.charging power = 240 kW

MaxiCharger High Power 360 kW/480 kW

Ultra fast charger ideally suited for highway corridor and EV fleet operations.

15 mins of charging = Up to 450 km

Max.charging power = 350 kW

Charging management made easy

Easy, intelligent, and insightful.Our charging management software lets you track and manage EV charging right from your smartphone or computer.

  • Mobile APP 
  • Charging Management Software (Web)

A Total Solution for Any Situation