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Green Energy Powers the Future


Since 2022 we have been developing, supplying and installing charging points for building projects, residential developments, businesses and individual customers. As the move towards electric vehicles gathers pace, our engineers and AUTEL team are leading the transformation with bespoke charging systems and smart online payment software

About the company

CBC International is a engineering and trading company for Power Quality and Control Solution. For 25 years we have been at forefront in UPS, High Power Rectifier for Chloralkali industry, Automatic Voltage Regulator, and Lithium Iron battery in Thailand market. CBC is a pioneer to bring Lithium Iron battery to distribute in Telecom industry. Today we have more than 5.28MWh Lithium Iron battery installed in telecom industry. CBC is only Thai company who can make High Power Rectifier upto 30,000A or 14MW22kV system..

Charging Management Software

  • Optimize your EV charge routine to complement your lifestyle & energy
  • Start, stop, schedule charging remotely
  • Control your smart home charging unit via the MaxiCharge app
  • Receive notifications when your car is done charging
  • Track your EV battery health while charging

Leading technology

Green Energy Powers the Future